Welcome to our Envagyok Vizsla website. Here we hope to show people our dogs, their history and what's happening now and in the future. Currently we have three Hungarian Vizsla's, Max, Missy and Hope as well as a new doggy addition our Suma, a wirehaired Vizsla. To keep them all company we also have our Irish Wolfhound Ozzy.
We are situated on the beautiful South Coast of England and greatly enjoy both working and showing our dogs at events around the country.
 The main thing we look for in our our dogs is for them to be healthy, fit for working and as close to the breed type as we can. We want dogs and bitches that will be comfortable being shown or in the field flushing game. We consider our dogs very much part of our family 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions via email at sharonsvizslas@yahoo.co.uk or just give us a bell, we are always happy to talk to other dog lovers.

Sharon & Simon Burt